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Nadja Schwichtenberg

BA International Business

Shifting from the lecture hall to the cut and thrust of Wall Street can happen quicker than you might think. German student Nadja Schwichtenberg graduated with a BA International Business degree and soon secured a job in one of the world's leading financial service providers, Deutsche Bank. Nadja gained a place on the prestigious Mountbatten Internship programme as a Junior Project Manager, based at the bank's Wall Street branch in New York.

She chose Middlesex because her course studied finance in action, not 'dry theories'. "I enjoyed the variety of the different modules and industry-related case studies," she said. "The Business School makes sure that the learned theory is connected with actual events and companies. I was very proud to be accepted onto the Mountbatten Programme and to work for Deutsche Bank. My First Class Honours degree from Middlesex University was instrumental in gaining the opportunity."

Nadja Schwichtenberg, Germany

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