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Vicky Wöhrer

Vicky WohrerMSc Biomedical Science (Medical Microbiology) student from Cyprus / Austria

"This course has been an excellent opportunity to explore the depths of Biomedical Science while studying in contemporary buildings, with all the requisites for an exciting student life that embraces diversity, as well as providing excellent laboratory facilities and opportunities to expand your skills and abilities in whichever direction you may potentially desire.

"The course was very well organised. Alongside our lectures, we had respected guest lecturers in the field of microbiology present to us. This provided the opportunity to glimpse the genius of many respected scientists. Since the beginning of my course we've been encouraged to work as a team, and this team spirit has been consistent until the very last day of the course. 

"My time at Middlesex University has taught me persistence and perseverance, communication, commitment and authenticity. These tools give me the confidence that I can rise above in any challenge the future may hold. 

"My goal is to develop my unique set of skills and use them to bring a better future for humanity. If at the end of my career, one person's life has been positively affected because of the impact of my work, that will be more satisfying and more gratifying than anything I can ever imagine."

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