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Vladimira Oravcova

MA Marketing Communications

"I became comfortable at Middlesex really quickly, and my confidence increased thanks to the amazing lecturers. I found new friends from my course and now it feels like home. Middlesex offers a lot of support to international students. From academic language help and support with exams to finding placements, opening a bank account and finding accommodation.

"All the buildings are very spacious and modern. The library is where students spend the most of their time – it's open 24/7 which is great, and there are lots of PCs and Macs so even at busy times I've always been able to find a place. The gym is really good quality too, and much cheaper than private gyms!

"My English has significantly improved since studying at Middlesex after lots of written course work, presentations, discussions and reading. I really enjoyed every lecture, seminar,

as well as the individual projects and group work. Each of these activities helped me to become more self-confident and have really improved the prospects for my future career."

Vladimira Oravcova, Slovakia


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