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Corporate social responsibility

Putting our values into action

Middlesex University takes its social responsibilities seriously.  We aim to uphold high standards in our dealings with our staff, students and in our communities.  On these pages we explain those standards, explain what we are doing towards them and give examples of where we excel.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

A comprehensive report on how we are progressing in our approach to responsibility and sustainability is available as a PDF: 

What do we mean by corporate social responsibility?

Corporate social responsibility, for us, means always taking into account the welfare of our staff, students, partners and neighbours. It involves thinking of the University as a member of a community and shaping our way of doing things to ensure we are a good citizen. 

Examples of our work

This citizenship can be seen at a range of levels, right from our relationships to individuals, to our role globally.  To take some examples:

  • We allow our staff to study part-time on career-related degree courses, free of charge, to ensure their continuing development
  • We invest time and money in widening access to our courses and we have one of the most diverse student groups of any university
  • Our new buildings exceed the most exacting environmental standards. We have designed them to have minimal impact on the local and global environments

These are just examples of the CSR actions we have taken and you can read our full policy and the report attached above for more information.

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