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Fairytale Collection


Middlesex University final year fashion project evokes Halloween, fairytales and Victoriana.

Fashion Design student Hanna Vestin has created an imaginative and inventive clothing collection based on photographs taken over 100 years ago.

Hanna, who exhibited her work as part of Middlesex University's recent fashion design showcase at London's St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, first had the idea when she came across some faded Halloween photographs from the 1900s. 

Among the photographs was one of children 'dressed up' in their parents' clothing, which inspired the theme of her collection: oversized clothing with a Victorian edge.


"Underlying these old photos was something a little bit sinister; the way the children had been dressed in these huge, formal, adult clothes and everyone was stood completely still," Hanna explains.

"I wanted to reflect that in my designs; all the creepiness of Victorian dolls and old masks, but with a modern twist and a fairytale edge."

Each of Hanna's outfits includes a structured and detailed headpiece, which adds to the sense of the wearer dressing up in a costume. However, many of the pieces are also flattering, richly coloured and wearable.

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