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First Fashion Week for Textiles Graduate

Linda Blissett of Bliss Studio Textiles, who honed her design skills at Middlesex with a degree in Constructed Textiles, showed at London Fashion Week for the first time in 2014.

Linda Blissett Textiles

Linda was selected to exhibit at Fashions Finest, a platform for emerging designers and one of the largest off-schedule shows held during London's premier week of fashion festivities. She took inspiration for her collection from the art of the pre-Raphaelite movement, specifically William Holman Hunt's iconic painting of the Lady of Shalott weaving on a loom and entangled in the threads of her tapestry.

Linda Blissett Textiles

From her studio in Wimbledon, Linda creates intricate woven fabrics incorporating various colours and materials. "I mix different colours and textures – that's always been my niche, even as a student," she explains. For Fashion Week, Linda ventured into fashion design as well as textiles for a collection that channelled the pre-Raphaelites and their strong use of peacock and kingfisher blues, emerald greens and amethyst hues.

"It was very receptive and positive," Linda said of the reaction to her work at the Fashions Finest showcase. "I think people were interested to see someone use traditional weaving methods; I had an exhibition of my work there for two days so it could be seen and handled up close. When I talked about the story behind my collection, people seemed very intrigued."

The positive experience has left Linda excited to develop her collection further and show her work again. "I loved the buzz and am thinking of doing it all again," she says. "I have a new story and theme in mind and it's quite interesting!" 
Linda Blissett Textiles

Linda still remembers her time at Middlesex fondly and describes her studies as being integral to the work she creates today. "The skills I gained at Middlesex are what has developed me now as a designer," she says. "Working one-to-one with tutors and technicians, placing ideas together and playing with things. Since then, I've kept that style."

Discover more about Linda's work on her website.

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