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MoDA Prize Winners 2014


MoDA has announced the recipients of its annual Arthur Silver Prize, with Fine Art and Jewellery projects sharing top honours.

Fine Art student Paresha Amin and Jewellery student Joseph Farrow have been jointly awarded MoDA's (Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture) Arthur Silver Prize 2014 for their collections. The Middlesex University students split the £1,000 prize, Paresha for her geometrically accurate life-sized nature prints, and Joseph for his heat tempered jewellery.

Inspired by MoDA's Japanese katagami stencil prints, Paresha created designs using unwanted plant matter including weeds and leaves. She then drew on her skills as a mathematician to organise the prints into geometric patterns. Judges praised Paresha for her engagement with her subject matter and inventive, thoughtful translation of her materials.

"I draw parallels with the overlooked and undervalued plant matter and the difficulties my family and other immigrants have encountered," Paresha explained.

The heat tempering technique Joseph used to create his jewellery ensured that no piece in his collection was the same. He categorised it using an archival system inspired by MoDA and was praised by the judges for the unusual and well thought-out way in which he utilised the archive.

The Arthur Silver Award is held annually for second and final year Middlesex University Art, Design and Media undergraduate students, and seeks to reward those that best demonstrate that their work has been inspired by MoDA's collections. Students are encouraged to be imaginative and creative in the use of the museum's collections to develop their studio work.

For more information about the Arthur Silver Award and its previous winners,visit the MoDA website.

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