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Our Partner Schools: Enfield County School

Supportive and collaborative learning is the key to developing outstanding teachers at Enfield County School, a proud partner of Middlesex.

Enfield County School London

As members of the Enfield Teaching School Alliance, Enfield County School works with Middlesex University to train teachers in an environment that nurtures ongoing learning and promotes a forward-thinking approach.

“We take pride in being a learning community. We expect everyone to be learning all of the time,” says Catherine Egleton, Deputy Headteacher of Enfield County School.

Trainees and mentors alike take part in teaching and learning groups, and staff members are passionate about professional development.

“Expectations are very high in London. We expect our teachers to look forward to transforming young people’s lives, and this needs to be reflected in the training provided.”

It’s a stimulating environment for a placement, and one which Middlesex trainees work hard and thrive in.

“We employ a lot of trainees from Middlesex,” Catherine says.

“These are young people who have just finished their degrees; they bring with them a lot of new ideas and enthusiasm for their subject. Everyone benefits from the partnership.”

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