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Student Stories: Eszter Sonyak

Eszter Sonyak
Interpreting and Translation 

Eszter Sonyak Middlesex Uni translation graduate

When looking at universities, what inspired you to apply to Middlesex University?

My language combination is quite rare; Middlesex was the only university in the whole country that offered the English-Hungarian option.

What was it about the course that motivated you to apply for it?

I have always dreamed of getting a degree and could not wait to get back to studying after finishing my A-levels a couple of years ago. My main goal was to develop my knowledge of academic English to improve my future career opportunities, and the modules offered on my chosen course looked ideal and useful to achieve this aim.

What have you enjoyed about the course?

The second year of my degree was my favourite. I received incredibly helpful feedback from my tutors, which not only sharpened my skills tremendously but also gave me a huge amount of confidence. I enjoyed discussing the dilemmas and difficulties of the interpreting and translating profession with those who have been working in this field for years. Their experience and knowledge simply amazed me.

Is there a piece of work you've produced, or contributed to, that you're particularly proud of?

My Hungarian tutor gave me an article as part of my coursework which proved to be incredibly difficult for me to translate. I spent long hours researching the subject, I read the translated text to as many as I could to create the 'perfect' English version of the article. My tutor was really impressed by my efforts and the amount of time I spent on this coursework. I was very pleased with the final translation.

What are your ambitions for the future and how do you think your time at Middlesex University will help you achieve them?

I would like to become one of the best practitioners of my chosen profession and get specialised in certain subjects such as law and gastronomy. I found the practical exercises to be the most useful elements of my course, because they helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses, allowing me to improve and hone my skills to perfection for my future career.

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