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Our Strategy to 2031

Middlesex University 2031: Knowledge into action

We create knowledge and put it into action to develop fairer, healthier, more prosperous and sustainable societies

Our vision is to transform outcomes for individuals, communities and organisations and to empower people to change their lives. Our learning community has practice at the heart of what we do across education, research and knowledge exchange, and engagement.

We work in partnership and bring people together to create solutions to complex problems.

  • Our integrating themes

Equity and improvements in health and wellbeing

Inclusive socio-economic development and enriching lives through culture

Sustainability of communities and the environment

Our strategic priorities

We have identified three shared priorities as pillars for strategic implementation to achieve our purpose by 2031.

As a community, we are all clear about our areas of focus and our people are empowered to take decisions and shape their work around them. Alongside our three shared priorities, we have also identified seven areas of focus as pillars for strategic implementation to achieve our purpose by 2031.

Explore our priorities and implementation

  • Our Middlesex approach

Creative, collaborative
and agile culture

Local and global Communities of Practice

Focusing through our Integrating themes

Our community principles

Our Community Principles guide how we work, learn and behave as a community in action. They are for everyone that makes up our global Middlesex family: staff, students, alumni and partners.

  • Action-oriented
  • Radically creative
  • Radically simple
  • Leading in equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Collaborative
  • Acting with care and integrity

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