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Our degree apprenticeships offer

Delivering degree apprenticeships across a variety of sectors

Middlesex University is working at the forefront of degree apprenticeships in partnership with professional bodies, public sector organisations and some of the most recognisable names in industry.

We collaborate with businesses and the public sector to develop degree apprenticeships to help fill the UK’s skills gaps. The flexibility of our work-based curriculum framework means we can develop programmes in any sector.

Our experienced, leading-edge, work-based learning practitioners design courses to meet the specific needs of your organisation. They are drawn from our three faculties:

  • Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries
  • Faculty of Science and Technology
  • Faculty of Professional and Social Sciences – within which are our schools of Business, Law, Health and Education.

Degree Apprenticeships at Middlesex

We have the following degree apprenticeships currently available or in development:

  • Chartered Manager level 6
  • Senior Leader - level 7
  • Care Leadership and Management – level 5
  • Construction Operations Management – level 5
  • Construction Site Management - level 6
  • Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management - level 6
  • Police Constable - level 6
  • Social Worker - level 6
  • Teacher - level 6
  • Registered Nurse - level 6
  • Digital and Technology Solutions Professional - level 6
  • Policing - all levels
  • B2B Sales Professional - level 6
  • Academic Professional - level 7
  • Accountancy/Taxation Professional – level 7.

Degree apprentice profile

Debbie, BA Professional Practice in Construction Site Management (Vinci Construction)

“I decided to do a degree apprenticeship to take me further in my career, into management, and I’m able to work and earn while studying as well.”

“It's making me a better employee because I’m looking at the big picture, I’m not focused on the management side of construction. It makes me look at the whole industry.”

“If you’re considering doing a degree apprenticeship, just go for it, you’re never too old. Study hard, ask questions and you won’t regret it.”

Delivering degree apprenticeship services to meet your needs

The Middlesex University model of work-integrated learning is designed to ensure that our approach to the delivery of apprenticeships is both flexible and responsive to the needs of employers. The tools and techniques deployed to implement this model include:

  • Reflective learning journals – completed online to identify, analyse and evaluate learning instances from operational practice contexts on an on-going basis, typically supported by tutors, workplace mentors and peers
  • Asynchronous online learning activities – to provide opportunities for individual and/or group interactive engagement that are not time-bound
  • Workshops, master-classes, presentations whether delivered face-to-face or online are all available via the Middlesex University online learning environment through video capture and other built-in technologies
  • Negotiated work-integrated projects – to utilise examples of operational practice as the source for practice enhancement opportunities, which can draw on and generate relevant theory
  • e-Assessment – to enable required assessment to be submitted flexibly online
  • Recognition of prior learning (RPL) – this will typically include the development of portfolios of evidence of prior learning such as professional training courses, work-activities and projects supported by a reflective commentary.

The forms of assessment required by degree apprenticeships and other work-integrated programmes will vary but in general terms they may include:

  • Practice-based projects
  • Portfolios of evidence of learning
  • Reports
  • Action plans
  • Case studies
  • Practice enhancement proposals
  • Reflective learning journals
  • Presentations
  • Professional conversations
  • Practice observations.

What we offer you

Centre for Apprenticeships and Skills

The Middlesex University Centre for Apprenticeships and Skills will support the process of developing and delivering all aspects of degree apprenticeships. Services include:

  • Contract management - including all aspects of procurement, due diligence, legal and regulatory compliance and contracting from initiation through monitoring, to completion and review
  • Operational management – including systems set-up, admissions and registration, addressing operational issues, management information, on-going liaison with University Services, monitoring, reporting and quality assurance
  • Project coordination – including coordinating liaison with University Faculty and Service teams and other organisations; stakeholder communication, supporting the organisation of project events, activities and meetings, coordinating project actions towards completion.

Corporate Engagement

Our Corporate Engagement team is responsible for establishing and maintaining strategic relationships and partnerships with commercial organisations. Services include:

  • Employer liaison - including initial contact through to relationship management
  • Apprenticeship opportunity scoping – to establish in broad terms how Middlesex University can work with you to meet your needs
  • Development facilitation – facilitating relationships with relevant University Faculty and Services to develop apprenticeship products.

Marketing, Recruitment and Communications

Our Marketing, Recruitment and Communications team will work with employer partners to coordinate promotional activity for mutual benefit. Services include:

  • Coordination of external communications – including joint or complimentary press releases on issues of shared interest or to announce the launch of apprenticeship activities or developments
  • Digital marketing – to promote engagement in collaborative activity or to drive awareness of apprenticeship opportunities through the university website – and related social channels
  • Recruitment – to promote employer partner apprenticeship vacancies through University online platforms and through our outreach activity.

Apprenticeship development and delivery

We will work with you to ensure that the degree apprenticeships we provide meet your professional workforce development needs. Services include:

  • Collaboration with employers to develop degree apprenticeship standards and end-point assessment plans through Trailblazer Groups across a wide range of professional sectors
  • Development of degree apprenticeship programmes that are specifically designed to enable your apprentices to gain the knowledge, skills and professional behaviours required by apprenticeship standards
  • Tailoring of work-integrated learning approaches to meet your degree apprenticeship delivery needs
  • Management and coordination of all aspects of apprenticeship delivery from initial assessment through to end-point assessment.

Get in touch

To learn more about how Middlesex University's Corporate Engagement team can help you with your apprenticeship programme, please get in touch.

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