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Planning for Clearing

Prepare for Clearing

This guide will help you prepare for Clearing. You will find everything you need to plan your next move from key dates to opening hours.

  • Before you apply

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Step 1: Do your research

If you're not sure you have the right qualifications for the course you want, call us on 0208 411 6565 as we're always happy to discuss your options.

Step 2: Collect the information you need, so you're ready to go:

  • Your UCAS number (if you have one)
  • Grades, such as A-level, BTEC and GCSEs
  • An idea of the courses you'd like to study
  • Clearing phone numbers - 0208 411 6565 and opening times.

Step 3: Make your application

If you're making a new application to us

Then call us on 0208 411 6565 we'll talk you through what to do. If you've received your results, have them ready along with your UCAS ID number if you have that too. There are different ways to contact us, so you can do what's right for you.

If you applied to Middlesex but declined the offer

No problem, you can apply again through Clearing! Call us on 0208 411 6565 and explain your situation to our Clearing advisors. They'll tell you what to do next.

If you have another offer and want to self-release

If you're holding an offer from another university, then here's how you can release yourself into Clearing:

  • Sign into UCAS Hub and click the 'Decline my place' button on your homepage
  • You'll be taken through the process, including answering a question to confirm that you want to release yourself into Clearing
  • Check to see that you've received an email confirming you are in Clearing
  • Find more help on UCAS's website.

When you've done that, call us on 0208 411 6565 and we'll help you find a place on a course.

  • Key information

Student celebrating resultsThe standard timeline runs as follows.

Morning: from 8am

  • Your grades are released on the UCAS website
  • If your UCAS Hub status says, 'In Clearing' or 'Clearing has started', or if you've changed your mind, get in touch!
  • Our phone lines will be open from 8am. Give us a call on 0208 411 6565
  • If the course you want to do is full, similar courses may be available.

Afternoon: from 1pm

  • You can add your Clearing choice from 1pm. This gives you time for research before you make any decisions
  • If you received various offers from multiple universities, you can only choose one to accept the offer from
  • To accept the offer, you need to add the university and its details onto - 'Add a Clearing Choice' in your UCAS Hub, inside the section - 'Your 'Choice'

Clearing Opening Hours

During Clearing, our advisors are available by phone 0208 411 6565 and Live Chat during the following hours.

9am - 5pm

Monday to Friday

If you need to contact us outside of these times, you can email clearing@mdx.ac.uk and we'll get back you as soon as we can.

Clearing timeline

05 July: Clearing opens

If you have your results, you can start your Clearing application.

July - August

International Baccalaureate (IB) results are expected in July (date TBC).

17 August: A-level and BTEC results

Once you have all your results, you can contact our Clearing team. You can refer yourself on UCAS to a university from 2pm on this day.

24 August: GCSE results

GCSE results will be released on this day, if they are needed to support your application.


Clearing continues until our courses are full or the academic year begins.

Choose Middlesex in Clearing

Call 0208 411 6565 to secure your place or apply online.

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