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Assessment and Management of Urinary Incontinence in Adults Study day

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One day

Enhance your ability to recognise, manage and treat the different causes of incontinence in this one-day course designed for a wide range of healthcare professionals who work with adults, including nurses.

Why attend the Assessment and Management of Urinary Incontinence in Adults Study Day at Middlesex University?

Taught by an experienced practitioner, this short course will equip you with the specialised knowledge and skills to diagnose and manage incontinence, including urinalysis, the role of urodynamics, behavioural modifications, biofeedback and medication.

Through a series of presentations and discussions you will explore the physiology of the lower urinary tract, stress incontinence, the role of the inter-professional team, as well as side effects and concordance. Armed with these contemporary insights and specialised skills you will not only enhance your ability to treat clients but demonstrate a level of advanced practice and learning that can count towards further study if you wish.

What will you study on the Assessment and Management of Urinary Incontinence in Adults Study Day?

This course will enable you to take a proactive and person-centred approach to planning, managing and evaluating care for those suffering from incontinence. Delivered in one day through a series of presentations and discussions you will explore the following subjects:

  • Overview of the anatomy and physiology of the lower urinary tract in men and women
  • Assessment for urinary incontinence: The reasons for urinary incontinence including the overactive bladder; stress incontinence; out flow obstruction and the atonic bladder
  • Investigations: including urinalysis, the role of urodynamics and residual urine measurement
  • Management and treatment: including behavioural modifications, biofeedback and medication
  • The role of the inter-professional team
  • Follow up, side effects and concordance

This study day would be suitable for those with clinical involvement with adults with continence care needs.

To apply, please email our NHS Study Day team.

There are several funding options available:

  • Receiving course fees via CPPD contracts between NHS trusts and Middlesex University
  • Paying your own fees. This course is £120
  • Sponsorship by your employer (but not under a CPPD contract).

For more information on these options, including fee rates for self-funding/employer-sponsored students, please visit our dedicated funding page.

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Any decisions will be taken in line with both external advice and the University’s Regulations which include information on this.

Our priority will always be to maintain academic standards and quality so that your learning outcomes are not affected by any adjustments that we may have to make.

At all times we’ll aim to keep you well informed of how we may need to respond to changing circumstances, and about support that we’ll provide to you.

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