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Diploma in Translation (unit one): General Translation

Level Level 7
Fees £389
Start dateMarch 2023
May 2023
Module leaderDr Brooke Townsley


The CIoL Diploma in Translation (DipTrans) is a professional qualification, recognised and accepted both nationally and internationally by the translation industry.

Set at Level 7 (master’s level), the qualification will help you to access some of the most sought after translation assignments. After successful completion of this course, you can also apply for full membership of CIoL and use the designatory letters CIoL DipTrans.

This short course prepares you to take the first paper of the CIoL Diploma in Translation exam. The course is designed for practising translators who wish to take the Diploma in Translation for the first time and for candidates resitting Unit One of the exam.

Teaching and learning

The course is delivered entirely online, over seven learning weeks.

Teaching is delivered via a weekly live 2-hour webinar on Mondays between 0930 and 12:30 with feedback from bilingual tutors, self- and peer assessment activities and individual tutorials.


The course includes four items of formative assessment, practice translations taken from past Diploma in Translation papers. You will receive feedback on each piece of formative assessment and these practice translations will form the basis of discussion in your individual online tutorials.

The final piece of assessment will be undertaken under timed conditions to simulate actual exam conditions.

All marking and feedback will use Diploma in Translation marking criteria.

How to apply

To apply, please complete the application form.

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