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Introduction to Translation

Level Level 6
Fees £699
Start date September/January/May
Module leader Dr Brooke Townsley


  • Designed for students with strong bilingual language skills and new to the field of professional translation
  • Covers main areas of the Translation industry, including introduction to Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools
  • Online live classes and online assignments.
  • One to one sessions with language specialists in your language pair

Course content

The Introduction to Translation course is a professional development course designed to open the door to a career in free-lance translation. Designed for students new to Translation as a professional activity, the Introduction to Translation course will introduce you to the core theories in inter-lingual Translation and the professional practice of Translation.

The 10-learning week online course consists of classes covering

  • Theories   and concepts in Translation
  • Translating   texts from different genres, e.g. journalism, technical texts, literature
  • Using   Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools, including translation memory
  • The   landscape of professional translation, including starting work as a   free-lance translator, professional membership bodies and working with   translation agencies

Teaching and learning

The course is delivered entirely online, over ten learning weeks. Teaching is delivered via a mix of weekly live webinars, formative assessments (practice translations) with feedback from bilingual tutors, self- and peer assessment activities and individual tutorials.

Assessment (approx. 50 words, 1-2 sentences)

Breakdown of coursework vs. exam, including (where available) dissertation and details such as essay, group project, reflective thinking diary, etc

The course includes five items of formative assessment. These are practice translations of approximately 600 words (source text) drawn from a range of genres and text functions. You will receive feedback on each piece of formative assessment and these practice translations will form the basis of discussion in your individual online tutorials. Students will also be encouraged to develop a portfolio of translation work as evidence of translating ability and a personal development plan.

How to apply

To apply, please complete the application form.

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