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Mentorship Preparation Level 0 Module

Module code NSA 3632
Level 0
Credits 0
FeesFunding options available
Start dateSeptember
DurationFive days
Programme leaderAine Feeney


Advance your teaching skills to the standard outlined by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in this short course designed for a wide range of healthcare mentors. This Level is available to all applicants and successful completion enables you to become a recognised NMC Mentor without academic credits.

Designed around the 'Standard to support learning and assessment in practice' as outlined by the NMC in 2008, this course will equip you with the advanced knowledge and practical skills to enhance your mentoring practice. This course will encourage you to critically evaluate the role of the mentor, including professional accountability and how to lead learning within a changing healthcare service. Through a series of lectures and group discussions you will examine the issues that arise from mentoring learners with particular focus on how to develop innovative and creative approaches to providing an optimum learning environment.

Armed with these valuable insights and contemporary skills you will enhance your mentoring practice and career prospects for the future.

Course content

Taught by experienced practitioners and lecturers, this course will support and challenge you to enhance your mentoring practice through exploration of the following subjects:

  • Concepts of mentorship
  • The role of the mentor
  • Professional responsibilities of the mentor
  • Creating effective practice learning environment
  • Facilitation of learning and leading students
  • Effective working relationships with students
  • Professional responsibilities of the mentors in the assessment of students
  • Principles of assessment in clinical learning
  • Evaluating learning
  • The role of the mentor in relation to evidence based practice
  • The context of care


Day one:

  • Introduction to the module
  • Establishing effective working relationships

Day two: Self-directed study day

  • Facilitation of learning

Day three:

  • Creating an environment for learning
  • Assessment and accountability

Day four: Self-directed study day

  • Evidence based practice and leadership

Day five:

  • Evaluation of learning and context of practice

Fees and funding

There are several funding options available:

  • receiving course fees via CPPD contracts between NHS trusts and Middlesex University
  • paying your own fees
  • sponsorship by your employer (but not under a CPPD contract).

For more information for any of these options, including fee rates for self-funding/employer-sponsored students, please visit our dedicated funding page.

How to apply

To be eligible for this module, you must be a registered nurse/health professional for a minimum of 12 months.

Please visit our CPD health practitioner webpage to download an application form and for more information on the application process.

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