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Nursing application and interview process

Before you apply, you should consider whether nursing or midwifery is the right career for you, taking into account the personal skills, qualities and knowledge that it demands. Some of these are listed below. If you decide to apply, your application for our three-year BSc Nursing courses, two year Pg Dip Nursing courses and our three-year BSc Midwifery course should be made via UCAS.

Once you have applied, our admission team will then carefully consider your application, and we will contact you within six weeks to inform whether you have been shortlisted.

Personal Statement

What you write in your personal statement is important. You may find this video helpful as you consider what you will write. This website gives specific advice regarding writing a personal statement for a nursing or midwifery course.

Maths and Literacy test

If your application is successfully shortlisted, you will be invited to attend maths and literacy tests that run at the University's Hendon Campus. These tests are compulsory even if you meet our maths and English GCSE application requirements.  NHS Snap website may  help you prepare for these tests to improve your confidence and competence when dealing with numeracy. If you pass the tests, you will be invited to interview, which will take place on a weekday.

The Interview

If you are invited to interview, please plan to spend 2  to 3 hours at the University. Please bring along a form of ID such as your passport or your driving license.

What we are looking for at interview

We strongly recommend that you prepare well for your interview. We would recommend familiarising yourself with the main nursing or midwifery journals such as Nursing Standard, Nursing Times, British Journal of Midwifery or The Practising Midwife. If you have applied for nursing you may also want to consider the specific requirements of the field of nursing you have chosen.

We will be considering the criteria listed below through a variety of methods such as direct questioning and observation. The essential skills and qualities are:

  • Basic knowledge and awareness of midwifery or chosen field of nursing
  • Awareness of contemporary issues in the NHS
  • Experience gained of caring for others
  • Able to demonstrate non-judgemental approach and cultural awareness
  • Evidence of personal awareness, empathy and caring approach
  • Clear and coherent communication skills
  • Time management skills
  • Awareness of challenges during the course and coping strategies.

Additionally, the desired skills and qualities are:

  • Awareness of a qualified nurse's role and responsibilities in the specified field, or awareness of a qualified midwife's role
  • Knowledge of advantages and disadvantages of working in teams.

What happens after your interview

We aim to contact you within seven working days to inform you of the outcome of your interview.  If successful we will update your UCAS track record with your offer and the conditions you need to meet. You will also receive an email from us if you have been successful.

Your offer conditions

Your offer will also outline any conditions that will need to be satisfied before the start of the course. They include:

  • Satisfactory criminal reference checks (DBS clearance)
  • Satisfactory occupational health clearance
  • Satisfactory overseas police checks (if applicable)
  • Any academic conditions as specified in your offer. You will need to upload all achieved qualifications and certificates to your applicant portal by the end of July.

We will send you further information about DBS clearance and occupational health checks when you confirm your offer with us on UCAS. Please note that late completion or non-completion of your DBS and occupational health forms will prevent you from progressing onto your placement and therefore may lead to you being discontinued from your course, so please make sure to complete these forms as soon as you receive them.

How to accept your offer

If you would like to accept your offer, please do so via UCAS. You can choose one offer as your firm (or first) and one offer as your insurance (or backup) choice. Your personal deadline for reply will be displayed on UCAS track.

Pre-induction day

We will also invite you to attend a pre-induction nursing / midwifery day on our campus. These days normally take place from May onwards. They are a great opportunity to meet your fellow students, meet the staff, ask any further questions you may have and get a taste of what the course will be like. We will be in contact with you to invite you to this day.

Course start date

Prior to the course start we will send you an induction timetable so you know what to expect in your first weeks at university. The course will start in mid September. Exact dates will be included in your induction material.

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