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Preparing for your visa interview

You are likely to be asked to attend an interview as part of the Tier 4 application process. There is no need to be worried about the interview if you prepare properly.

Use the guidance below to prepare and make sure you think about what you want to say in advance.

You should read our flyer which tells you about the kinds of questions you may be asked, and our infographic preparation guide which will help you think about how to answer these questions.

  • FAQs

    • What is the purpose of the interview?

      The interview is to check that you are planning to come to the UK in order to study the course you have been offered. It helps the caseworker to decide if you are a 'genuine' student.

      The interviewer will also want to check that your English is good enough for you to study in the UK – you will be expected to answer the questions without an interpreter.

      The interview will be used as evidence when a decision is made on your visa application.

    • What questions will I be asked?

      The questions you will be asked will be based around your institution, your course, your career plans and living in the UK.

      We don't know what the questions will be, but they are likely to be similar to the ones we have listed below.

      You may also like to read our infographic to help you think about the kinds of questions you may be asked.

      Your institution

      Why do you want to study in the UK?
      Why did you choose your institution?
      Where is your institution?
      How big is your institution?
      What other institutions did you consider?

      Your course and your future career plans

      Why did you choose this course?
      What other courses did you consider?
      How will you be assessed?
      What modules will you study?
      What do you want to do after graduation?
      How will this qualification help you?
      How much are the tuition fees?
      How long is your course?
      What qualification will you receive when you graduate?

      Living in the UK

      Where will you live?
      How will you pay for your studies/living costs?
      How much will your accommodation cost?
      Are you planning to work while you are in the UK?

    • What will the interviewer expect from me?

      The interviewer will want to see that you have carefully thought about your study. You must be able to explain your decisions.

      Coming to the UK is a major decision and costs a lot of money, so make sure that you can tell them why you want to come. Tell them about the research you did before you chose your course – what other institutions or courses did you apply for?

      Always tell the truth! You should never lie at any point during your visa application. If you don't know the answer, just say so.

      If you don't understand a question, you can ask the interviewer to repeat it. They understand that English might not be your first language and they won't mind repeating the question.

      Most importantly, try to remain calm and answer the questions clearly and slowly. Don't panic, as this makes it harder for you to speak clearly.

    • What is the interview format?

      The interview will probably only last about 10-20 minutes and is done via video conference with the UK.

      The interview is not recorded, but your answers are written down. The transcript is attached to your file and sent to the caseworker with the rest of your documents.

      No decision is made at the time of the interview – the transcripts are assessed at a later stage by the caseworker.

      We strongly recommend that, when the interview is over, you ask for a copy of this transcript  and check that it is an accurate record of the interview. If you feel the transcript is inaccurate or leaves out something important, please contact us for advice.

    • Will there be a second interview?

      It is unlikely you will be asked back for a second interview. If you are, this is probably because the interviewer is concerned about something you said during your first interview.

      A second interview is your last chance to convince the interviewer that you are a genuine student. Make sure you prepare well and can answer the questions fully.

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