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Advanced Professional Studies (Midwifery) MSc

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September 2019
1 year full-time
Normally 2 years part-time
£8,000 (UK/EU) *
£13,900 (INT) *
Course leader
Sheila Cunningham

Increasingly, the health sector needs highly qualified midwives able to analyse practice and evidence care but also support and tech the future generation of midwives. This course will enhance your current knowledge and skills to produce confident and knowledgeable practitioners who can keep abreast of the latest development within midwifery.

Why study the MSc Advanced Professional Studies (Midwifery) at Middlesex University?

Midwives need to be aware of the latest research and best care for their patients and supporting students to develop critical thinking and practice skills. This postgraduate course supports career development to the education and learning of future midwives with a change to engage at a deeper level with nursing practice at the same time. The topics studies are broad and equip midwives already practicing in their own country the underpinning knowledge to expand their skills and enhance their practice and opportunities.

This course is designed for qualified midwives in their own country who have achieved degree level qualifications to enhance their theory and academic qualifications as a route into midwife education and training.

Course highlights

  • You will be taught by highly experienced teaching staff all with professional midwifery qualifications and clinical experiences.
  • There is an active midwifery research department (Centre for Critical Research in Nursing and Midwifery).
  • This course offers the chance to specialise in teaching and facilitating learning within midwifery – clinically and academically supporting career progression.
  • You will expand your knowledge of the midwifery profession and challenge complex theoretical and practice developments.

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What will you study on the MSc Advanced Professional Studies (Midwifery)?

The course covers a variety of topics revolving around learning and teaching and professional advanced skills including:

  • Critical thinking and decision making
  • Developing and engaging with research
  • Facilitation and evaluation of learning in various contexts: classroom and practice
  • Advanced midwifery practice and advanced professional ethics.

What will you gain?

As well as developing your critical thinking and decision making, you will also gain the ability to reflect and analyse your own performance. You will have research analysis and evaluating skills and will focus on the facilitation of learning and creative approaches to engage, evaluate and supporting learning of midwives in a variety of settings.

  • Modules

    • An Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (15 credits) - Compulsory

      This module aims to develop the learning and teaching practice of those who teach and support students’ learning, so that they can become confident and effective higher education practitioners. Participants will be able to create and facilitate effective student learning within the context of their role and subject specific discipline.

    • Supporting Student Learning in Higher Education (15 credits) - Compulsory

      This module develops on form the previous module (above) to deepen the your knowledge and critical understanding of the theories and practices shown to effectively promote student engagement and learning. You will explore the synthesis of content and delivery and the implementation of both formative and summative assessment strategies allied to the effective use of feedback to guide students learning in supportive and dynamic ways.

    • Theory into Practice (30 credits) - Compulsory

      This module is multi-disciplinary and enables you to apply their knowledge of pedagogic theory to the study and practice of innovative curriculum and assessment design that will provide dynamic learning, assessment and feedback experiences that are appropriate to your own discipline. Through a practice-based project you will be able to explore the unique concerns and drivers of your professional practice within the context of your discipline and the wider higher education.

    • Principles of Advanced Nursing and Midwifery Practice (15 credits) - Compulsory

      This module enables you to critically examine the concept of advanced practice and the application of advanced skills within nursing and midwifery healthcare practice.

    • Advancing Professional Ethics for Health and Social Care (15 credits) - Compulsory

      This module addresses the context of increasingly confronted with perplexing ethical issues within health and social care professional environments and leadership and management in the context of healthcare delivery and inter-professional working.

    • Leadership for Public and Community Services (15 credits) - Compulsory

      This module will critically develop your knowledge and skills to enable you to work effectively within the context of leadership and service development in the workplace.

    • Service Delivery and Quality Improvement (15 credits) - Compulsory

      This module aims to provide managers and practitioners with the opportunity to explore legislation and policy directions in public and community services. There will be a focus on the impact of the practitioner’s role in leading the development of services in a way that gives high importance to quality enhancing.

    • Developing Research Capability / Dissertation (60 credits) - Compulsory

      This module focuses on developing your research capability as part of your professional practice within a health and social care context. You are given the opportunity to select a topic, or a concern which may be relevant to your professional practice and / or work context.

You can find more information about this course in the programme specification. Optional modules are not offered on every course. If we have insufficient numbers of students interested in an optional module, or there are staffing changes which affect the teaching, it may not be offered. If an optional module will not run, we will advise you after the module selection period when numbers are confirmed, or at the earliest time that the programme team make the decision not to run the module, and help you choose an alternative module.

How is the the MSc Advance Professional Studies (Midwifery) taught?

An adult learning approach will be used as students are professional practitioners with significant prior learning. The module uses a variety of approaches that encourage students to be responsible for their own learning and progress. It is recognised that individuals learn in different ways therefore a range of teaching and learning strategies are used. Discussion, scenario work, and pre and post sessional work and projects are important components of the module that students are required to engage in.


Assessment aims deepen and enhance learning and is for learning. A range of approaches will be used including written assignment, peer assessment, teaching practice and self-reflection, portfolios, digital presentations and demonstrations.

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Dr Sheila Cunningham
Associate Professor

Dr Cunningham is a registered nurse and principal fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She teaches and supervises within a variety of nursing programmes at under and post graduate. She supervises masters and professional doctorate students within the UK and overseas too.

Dr Margaret Volante
Associate Professor

Dr Volante is module lead for the masters dissertation and Associate Professor in work based learning and professional doctorates. She has extensive experience with a variety of professionals and professional development opportunities.

Dr Agi Ryder
Senior Lecturer

Dr Ryder is programme and module leader for the postgraduate certificate in higher education and has vast experience with facilitating teaching and learning in a variety of contexts.

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