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Finance Practice MProf

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October 2018
September 2018 (EU/INT induction)
2 years part-time
£10,500 (UK) *
£14,000 (INT) *
Course leader
Ifan Shepherd

Finance plays a crucial role in business, with the power to affect investment decisions, pricing, financial markets, and the economy. In today's post-recession world, finance professionals have increasing responsibility to apply their methods and mathematics correctly. This presents an exciting time to explore your role in the financial sector and how your work can impact a business and beyond.

Why study MProf Finance Practice at Middlesex?

At Middlesex University we believe that there is an art to finance that can only come from experience in the real world of business. Our MProf in Finance Practice takes professionals in the early or middle stages of their career and harnesses their experience so that they can explore and evolve their role within the workplace with expert guidance from our Business School, ranked as one of the top five in London.

Our course is completely flexible meaning you can maintain your employment while studying and shape your research to serve you and your organisation. You'll be taught different methods of research and how to construct a professional proposal, culminating in a major workplace-based project related to change within your organisation and/or your own professional development. The findings of this research and the skills learnt throughout the course will make you more effective as a manager, increase your career prospects and inform your organisation's finance policies and practices.

Course highlights

  • Flexibility to shape your studies around your individual needs and interests, including those of your organisation, so you can pursue your ambitions with structured support from experienced practitioners
  • You are placed at the centre of your research investigation, making your findings applicable within your own organisation and of value to your colleagues
  • Strong focus on exploring your individual capabilities as a reflective practitioner to enhance your research and professional activities
  • Valuable opportunity to make a claim for academic credits against any prior formal and informal learning
  • Access to cutting-edge business resources that will enhance your learning, increase your employability, and give you practical experience of systems used by businesses worldwide, such as the Chartered Management Institutes' Business Direct Resource Hub

What you will study on the MProf Finance Practice?

The MProf Finance Practice is a reflective and explorative form of study that first reviews your experience in the field before focusing on research methodology and finally a major workplace-based project using the techniques you have learnt.

It is divided into three phases with flexibility to complete each phase in a timeframe that works with and around your professional commitments and individual ambitions for each stage:

  • Modules

    • Phase 1 – Review (approximately 6 months)

      The first phase of this course features a review of your personal and professional learning, research competence and professional capability. This course recognises that the portfolio of material which is required as a pre-condition for CIMA membership fully meets the requirements of this phase.

      Qualified members of CIMA move directly to Phase 2. Part-qualified CIMA members would be expected to participate in Phase 1 and to make a persuasive case for the relevant credits which demonstrate how they have evolved as a reflective practitioner.

    • Phase 2 – Planning a Practitioner Research Programme (approximately 6 months)

      The second phase of this course involves the study of research methodology and exploring methods which are appropriate to workplace research. By the end of Phase 2 you will have prepared a detailed research proposal for implementation.

    • Phase 3 – Professional Practice Project (minimum of 12 months)

      The final phase of this course allows you to demonstrate your research capability in a professional context by undertaking a major workplace-based project related to organisational change and/or professional development. You’ll interrogate the learning you are achieving in your workplace, and express this in writing that is both informed by and informs relevant theory.

      The findings of your research will prove valuable to you as an individual by giving you greater knowledge of your field and more advanced skills as a manager, both of which will feed into your day-to-day work productivity and career prospects. Your research will also be of value to your organisation which will benefit from your in-depth study of ways in which it is conducting its finance practice and suggestions for ways in which it could improve and evolve this discipline in the future.

You can find more information about this course in the programme specification. Module and programme information is indicative and may be subject to change.

You can find out more about teaching and assessment in the programme specification.

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  2. International
  3. How to apply
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  2. International

How can the MProf Finance Practice support your career?

This MProf provides an excellent opportunity for managers to use their existing expertise, professional qualifications or work experience to gain a CIMA recognised qualification. This course welcomes managers wanting to develop their leadership potential whilst continuing to develop their professional practice. You will also have the opportunity to gain a qualification that is directly relevant to your field of work and the work-based projects you complete, will make a significant contribution to the accomplishments of your organisation’s work objectives.

As 81% of employers value employability skills over type or class of degree, it’s essential you develop these while studying and utilise our Employability Service on campus. We provide one to one support with job hunting, CVs, covering letters and interview techniques. We offer part-time, internships and graduate roles plus webinars, workshops and events and a support service to those wishing to start their own business.

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