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Public Works PhD

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October 2023
January 2024
Usually part-time
£3,150 per year (UK flat fee)*
£7,850 per year (EU/INT flat fee)*

Make a groundbreaking contribution to the world with a research degree from Middlesex University.

Why study PhD Public Works at Middlesex University?

This degree is specifically for professionals and experts in their field who already have published work.

If you have work(s) on a single or predominant theme or topic already in the public domain (journal articles, books, reports, software, artistic works), these works form the core of your submission.

You'll write a context statement of 10,000 – 30,000 words under supervision to complete the submission. These degrees are equivalent in level to the PhD by thesis.

You may need research methods or other training to write your context statement.

How is the PhD Public Works taught?

A Director of Studies and at least one (second) supervisor from the University will conduct your research supervision. Often, an external supervisor is also involved.

Your supervisors will act as personal tutors, helping you to clarify your initial objectives, structure your research and develop supplementary skills. They also advise on subject reading, relevant taught courses, research seminars and workshops.

Academic support and guidance is constantly available, whether you work individually or as part of a team. There are regular research tutorials, plus seminars and meetings with research students, staff and guest speakers.

Collaborations with external partners

If you're working in partnership with an external organisation, you may be jointly supervised by academics from Middlesex University and the collaborating partner.

Where collaboration is involved, you should ensure that from the outset the responsibilities for provision of fees, equipment and any other resources are fully understood and accepted by the partners.

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  2. EU/International
  3. How to apply
  1. UK
  2. EU/International

We’ll carefully manage any future changes to courses, or the support and other services available to you, if these are necessary because of things like changes to government health and safety advice, or any changes to the law.

Any decisions will be taken in line with both external advice and the University’s Regulations which include information on this.

Our priority will always be to maintain academic standards and quality so that your learning outcomes are not affected by any adjustments that we may have to make.

At all times we’ll aim to keep you well informed of how we may need to respond to changing circumstances, and about support that we’ll provide to you.

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