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Making Decisions - Master Class

Decision making is perhaps the most crucial skill in both management and professional practice. However, humans are less than perfect in their ability to make good decisions. The decisions we make are often not optimal due to a combination of uncertainty, personal biases and flawed framing of decision situations. This masterclass will focus on some of the prejudices, influences and predispositions that reduce the effectiveness of decision making and the quality of the resulting decision. 

The session will use practical problem solving situations and real-world examples to highlight how choices are made. A range of interactive activities will challenge the individual ability of decision makers to make rational decisions. Participants will thus be encouraged to reflect on their personal ability to frame situations and evaluate risks, the results of their professional decisions and the biases that creep into their choices.

The course would be suitable for professional decision makers, including project managers, engineers, administrators, public servants, health professionals, clinical practitioners and those involved in education.

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