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What will you study on the BA Graphic Design?

BA Graphic Design at Middlesex embraces an experimental, innovative and playful approach to designing for communication. The flexible structure of the course offers students the opportunity to develop a range of skills across Typography, Branding, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Photography, Interactive and Editorial design to create effective design solutions. This multi-disciplinary approach enables students to find their creative voice and position themselves within the dynamic landscape of contemporary graphic design.

Year 1

As students start their degree course at Middlesex, the first year gives them an opportunity to explore and experiment with a wide range of approaches to Graphic Design. The first year is designed to build a foundational knowledge of typography, that underpins all areas of graphic design practice. Students also engage with a range of media and design skills, from photography to digital illustration, from printmaking to design thinking. Divided into four modules, projects are designed to encourage experimentation and hands-on making, with a focus on the design process, as much as final outcomes. Students are invited to think critically about their work by engaging with a range of design ideas, both contemporary and historical.

Year 2

The second year is a stepping stone towards developing the skills, knowledge and identity as a professional designer. Building on key design skills developed in the first year, students are pushed to strengthen their ability to problem-solve and develop effective design solutions to a range of experimental as well as live briefs. Working across specialist subject areas, such as advertising, editorial design, moving image, branding, interactive or web-design, students are encouraged to start developing their own creative language and distinctive design skills. The second year is marked by a shift towards independent learning and professional practice, preparing students for their future careers without forgoing design experimentation and critical thinking.

Year 3

In their final year of study, students concentrate on solving visual communication problems to a professional standard and developing an individual portfolio. Using the skills and knowledge developed in their first and second year, students develop self-initiated projects that push the boundaries of graphic design both in terms of their conceptual thinking and visual style. In addition to their Final Major Project, students engage with a range of projects and briefs in branding, publishing, publicity, advertising, retail, interactive media, as well as internationally recognised creative industry competitions. This allows them to develop a rich and diverse portfolio of work, preparing them for their future careers in the industry.

Workshops and studios

BA Graphic Design at Middlesex is known for its exceptional facilities and studios, that allow students to develop design skills to the highest level. Supported by staff with in-depth knowledge in specialist areas of graphic design – from editorial design and typography to advertising or web design – students are given the tools needed to enhance their learning. They are able to develop skills in letterpress, risograph, screen-printing or photography, as well as digital skills through the use of specialist software and technology. Students are guided by staff and technicians, while also using the specialist facilities independently to develop projects and studio briefs to the highest professional standard.


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