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What will you study on the BA Photography?

This degree encourages you to use your imagination and experiment at the same time as developing your skills. Throughout the course you will undertake a range of projects covering studio photography, portraiture, lighting and art direction, location shoots, landscape photography, sports and events, still life photography, fashion photography, architectural photography, urban landscape, reportage and documentary. You will learn to think critically about a range of issues and be able to communicate your responses to these in written form. With every project, you are required to give a critical perspective of your own work.

Your first year explores photography through eight different projects that will give you the opportunity to investigate different subjects from documentary to fashion. Drawing on literature from photography and cultural theory, a visual culture module will provide a historical and critical framework for a deeper understanding of a range of photographic practices. In your second year, you will work on themed projects where you will be able to evolve your own approach and develop your skills, for example. A visual culture module will address current themes that affect the ways in which photographs are made and seen and understood. By your final year of study, you will be prepared to build a professional portfolio based on a subject of your own choosing. This will be accompanied by a research project, which will provide a very useful theoretical underpinning for your own practice.

There have been visits from guest professionals including Rhiannon Adam, Adrian Bradshaw, Rachael Burns, Julian Calder, Brian Harris, Cheryl Newman, Martin Parr, Kate Peters, Ingrid Pollard, Simon Roberts, Nicola Shipley and Jem Southam.


We’ve made temporary changes to some course modules for students starting in 2020 in response to the coronavirus outbreak. If you’re applying to start this course or progressing into year one, two or three this autumn, there’s info on these updates below.

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