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Studying with us during coronavirus in 2021

Interviews and portfolios

Product Design is a practice-based programme, focused on employability and is driven by our passion for understanding people and technology; exploring innovative solutions driven by real opportunities, addressing challenges faced by industry and society. Our technical and studio-based skills are supported by ‘live’ design experiences with external collaborators and industry guest lectures.

Your portfolio

Your portfolio is an important part of the application process for the programme and helps us to understand a little more about you. It is important to remember that when we review portfolios we are looking for passion and potential, rather than excellence and a complete set of existing skills.

The portfolio consists of around 10-15 pages showing a selection of recent art/design work and should:

  • Demonstrate a range of skills, interests, abilities and experience
  • Show the work that you are most proud
  • Help us to find out more about you as a designer

We’re really interested in how you develop and work through your ideas, not just in final outcomes.

For those who don’t have a traditional art/design education, we would be happy to see examples of your creative interests – this could include personal projects, examples of drawing, photography etc.

Presenting your portfolio

Consider the overall look and organisation of your portfolio – remember you won’t be there to explain it (although we have lots of experience ‘reading’ portfolios).

We like to see a broad range of work but don't overfill your portfolio.

For those who have large portfolios unsuitable for scanning (for example those from art courses), please consider a combination of scanning/photography of a selection of your work.

There is a file size limit of 10MB for uploaded items, so please use a suitable file sharing site if your attachments are larger than this. If you are using a file sharing site please send us the full URL and any login details required. We are also happy to look at personal websites.

We cannot accept portfolios in a physical format or on USB, CD or DVD

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