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Professional Practice in Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management BA Honours

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October 2019
12 - 18 months
Blended learning at places of work and online sessions
£9,250 (UK/EU) *
£12,500 (INT) *
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Course leader
Neville Webb

Why study BA Professional Practice in Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management* at Middlesex University?

This degree is provided by Middlesex University, which is an international leader in the field of professional practice and university level work-based learning. The principle of work-based learning is to build courses around the working and training practices of particular industries, sectors or employers, so that the learning that occurs every day as part of your normal training and practice, can be assessed and recognised in an academic framework without the need for unnecessary duplication. In this way, this degree programme makes it possible to gain an honours degree at the same time as completing the requirements for a higher apprenticeship and professional body membership.

The programme has been designed to enable people who are currently working in the construction industry, including those with significant experience, to gain a university degree and contribute to their professional body membership. It is specifically designed for managers in the construction industry who wish to gain recognition for their professional learning experience towards a degree qualification. The academic requirements of the programmes are met through the completion of current projects that candidates undertake in the workplace.

The qualification is work-based and all candidates must be employed in the sector to complete the programme (to gain the higher apprenticeship, candidates must be employed as a degree apprentice). This work-based programme is designed to enable you to negotiate work activities and projects with your employer/workplace mentor, that will provide the focus and basis of your professional learning and count towards the achievement of your degree.

*Please note this course is subject to review.

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What will you study on the BA Professional Practice in Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management?

This degree is specifically designed to develop the knowledge, practical skills and competences you will need to operate as a senior quantity surveyor or commercial manager and achieve the higher apprenticeship Level 6 without the necessity of completing another qualification such as an NVQ. What you do in your workplace will be assessed as part of the honours degree and the assignments you complete will be based on what you do at work.

You will complete three Specialist Project modules that are designed to enable you to develop your knowledge, understanding, skills and competency in the key areas of: Managing Commercial Risk; Managing Project Scope and Specifications; and Managing Project Delivery. The specific form of the required assessment for these modules will be negotiated and agreed with your employer/workplace mentor and tutor. Typically, assessment will include a Reflective Project Report and presentation or other relevant artefacts.

  • Modules

    • Negotiated WBL Project (Professional Development Portfolio) - Compulsory

      This module is designed to prepare you for professional body membership and enable you to produce evidence of your professional competency and develop an in-depth understanding of your industry environment. This will include the need for a high level of professional and ethical conduct. Assessment will require a portfolio including a Learning Log that evidences the achievement of professional competencies and a reflective account of your engagement with a professional network.

    • Negotiated WBL Project (Managing Cost and Commercial Risk) - Compulsory

      This module is designed to develop your ability to apply effective financial management to a construction project. To understand ramifications of the contract form; how it informs management approach, project culture, management of risk and the implications and obligations that apply to the various parties involved. You will demonstrate how you manage, communicate and influence decisions on financial inputs and outputs relating to the construction process, including the building and cost schedule, positive cash flow and profitability.

    • Negotiated WBL Project (Managing Project Standards Scope and Specifications) - Compulsory

      This module aims to develop your critical approach to site management from matching contractors' proposals to employer's requirements, to tendering and procuring supplier contracts to meet project scope, specifications and stakeholder expectations. You will demonstrate knowledge of policies, procedures and regulations, and communicate these as project outcomes to the wider team. You will also understand how an effective QS/CM controls outputs.

    • Negotiated WBL Project (Managing Project Delivery) - Compulsory

      This module will help you demonstrate your ability to manage effective control of project related costs. You will be able to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of legal and contractual constraints and the effect of time and quality on project costs. You will show how you forecast cost and risk and their financial implications evidenced by the production of financial reports.

    • Negotiated WBL Project (Project Proposal) - Compulsory

      This module is designed to support the identification of a chosen area of commercial management practice that can be developed into your quantity surveying and commercial management project. You will develop approaches and methods that enable you to ask intelligent questions about your chosen area of practice and to formulate a proposal and plan for the final project. You will need to discuss and agree your project proposal with both your employer/workplace mentor and your module tutor.

    • Negotiated WBL Project (Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management Project) - Compulsory

      This module builds on your project proposal to implement your project plan and apply chosen inquiry methods towards achieving your negotiated project objectives. You will develop your proposal to further define the management problem or area of inquiry, including identifying project constraints. You will be required to apply in-depth knowledge, understanding, critical, practical and personal skills towards the development of creative and innovative solutions in a practical context. The form of assessment will be negotiated but is likely to include a project report, presentation and/or other relevant artefacts.

You can find more information about this course in the programme specification. Optional modules are usually available at levels 5 and 6, although optional modules are not offered on every course. Where optional modules are available, you will be asked to make your choice during the previous academic year. If we have insufficient numbers of students interested in an optional module, or there are staffing changes which affect the teaching, it may not be offered. If an optional module will not run, we will advise you after the module selection period when numbers are confirmed, or at the earliest time that the programme team make the decision not to run the module, and help you choose an alternative module.

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How can the BA Professional Practice in Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management support your career?

A quantity surveyor or commercial manager manages all costs relating to building and civil engineering projects, from the initial calculations to the final figures. They work to minimise cost within a project and enhance value for money, while still maintaining and achieving the required standards and quality. Many of these are specified by statutory building regulations, which the surveyor needs to understand and must adhere.

A cost consultant is the usual term for a quantity surveyor or commercial manager who works for the client organisation or the client's representative and they usually work in an office. A contractor's quantity surveyor usually works in a temporary office on site. They are involved in a project from the start, preparing estimates and costs of the work. When the project is in progress, quantity surveyors keep track of any variations to the contract that may affect costs and create reports to show profitability.

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