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Professional Practice or Work Based Learning Studies BA/BSc Honours

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BA (Hons) Professional Practice - 135B99X
BSc (Hons) Professional Practice 144B99X
BA (Hons) Work Based Learning Studies 135X903
BSc (Hons) Work Based Learning Studies 144X902
January 2018
October 2018
Blended Learning
£9,250 (UK/EU) *
£12,500 (INT) *
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Course leader
Keith Buckland

The next start date for this course is January 2018. Begin year 2 in October 2018.

Professional Practice and Work Based Learning Studies programmes are especially designed for those that want to develop their expertise within their current work. Your work will become the subject of your studies to enable you to work more effectively as a professional practitioner in your field. If you are self-employed or work in an organisation, paid or unpaid and in any employment sector, these work-based programmes enable you to gain qualifications through your work.

Why study the BA/BSc Professional Practice/Work Based Learning Studies at Middlesex University?

Making use of Middlesex's innovative work-based approach to learning, your course of study will enable you to enhance your effectiveness in your current work role whilst simultaneously working towards your qualification. Middlesex work based learning courses are used by leading employers in the UK and internationally as they combine individual development with organisational and professional learning. Our programmes in professional practice enable you to build upon existing higher education level study and professional qualifications to further your development and make an impact in your professional area. Our programmes in work based learning studies take as the starting point your learning from experience and this can be used to provide highly original and customised qualifications. The level of customisation is even reflected in the title of the qualification, e.g. BA (Hons) Work Based Learning Studies (Leadership and Knowledge Management) or BSc (Hons) Work Based Learning Studies (Construction Project Management). Professional Practice titles can also be selected, e.g. BA (Hons) Professional Practice in Early Childhood Education.

Our expert group within the Institute for Work Based Learning will support you to make the most of your potential in a rapidly changing and highly competitive knowledge driven economy. Professionals across a wide span of areas such as administration, construction, education, financial services, health, maritime, policing, retail and transport have already successfully used Middlesex work based learning. Take charge of your learning and career development by making Middlesex Work Based Learning work for you!

Depending upon your previous experience and learning, your programme of study can be constructed to lead to a BA (Hons) / BSc (Hons) or Foundation Degree qualification. Individual programmes can also be constructed to lead to a comprehensive range of other qualifications including University Certificates and Diplomas that can be completed in less than a year. They include the following:

  • University Certificate – 40 credits at level 4
  • Certificate of Higher Education – 120 credits at level 4
  • University Diploma – 40 credits at level 5
  • Higher Diploma – 120 credits at level 5
  • Graduate Certificate/Advanced Diploma – 60 credits at level 6
  • Graduate Diploma – 120 credits at level 6

Course highlights

  • Enhance potential for career progression
  • Develop transferable work-based analytical and research skills
  • Develop expertise within your chosen field
  • Gain academic recognition for existing skills
  • Improve professional effectiveness Use your existing work as the subject of your study
  • Flexible study that builds on your current work and/or professional practice

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What will you study on the BA/BSc Professional Practice/Work Based Learning Studies?

The course is designed to meet your professional development needs and those of your organisation. Professional Practice and Work Based Learning Studies courses can include four kinds of modules: Review of Learning; Professional Practice; Practitioner Inquiry; Negotiated Work Based Learning Projects.

Typically BA (Hons) / BSc (Hons) courses are constructed to include a combination of these modules .

  • Modules

    • Review of Learning

      Review of Learning is a distinctive feature of Work Based Learning and supports a dynamic process of identifying, analysing and reflecting on your learning to date to develop and present a portfolio that demonstrates your prior learning. This portfolio can be assessed for academic credit that can then be recognised as part of your course of study, consequently reducing the overall length of time and number of modules you are required to complete. In addition, this process will enable you to recognise and evaluate your existing work-based knowledge and skills as a platform for further professional development.

    • Professional Development

      Professional Development modules are designed to both introduce and develop the knowledge and skills required to engage in the negotiated work-based learning process. They are also designed to enable you to develop a professional development plan and course agreement. This will define the focus of your studies including your proposed work-based projects and will be agreed in negotiation with your tutor and your employer (or other relevant party). These modules will also inform your plans for post course professional development and career enhancement.

    • Practitioner Inquiry

      These modules are designed to enable you to learn about, and experiment with, methods of inquiry to inform your own work or professional practice. Module activities will enable you to gain inquiry-related skills including critical analysis, evaluation and appraisal. These skills help you to select, develop and apply appropriate methods of work-based inquiry to your work-based projects. This could include:

      • Analysis of the context in which a project is being undertaken including your role and position as worker/researcher and the ethical implications that arise from this
      • Devising and applying real-time work-based activity development processes Critical appraisal of research/professional literature, organizational or national policy, professional standards or directives
      • Appropriate inquiry methodologies and approaches to data in relation to the specific contexts of your work/practice
      • Engagement with professional practice networks to inform the development and application of inquiry methods
    • Negotiated Work Based Learning Project

      Negotiated Work Based Learning Project modules are designed to address real-life work or professional practice issues and are designed to improve or inform areas of your own or others’ work or practice. The work undertaken can take a variety of forms relevant to your work and is negotiated with your tutor and your employer (or other relevant party) in order to be beneficial to you and to the organisation(s) you work with. Projects may also generate creative solutions to work-based issues or problems and so provide the opportunity to create new ways of thinking about particular areas of work or professional practice. All BA (Hons) / BSc (Hons) courses must contain a large (30, 40 or 60 credit) Negotiated Work Based Learning Project module.

You can find more information about this course in the programme specification. Module and programme information is indicative and may be subject to change.

How is the BA/BSc Professional Practice/Work Based Learning Studies taught?

These programmes are taught and facilitated by staff from the Institute for Work Based Learning at Middlesex University. The blended approach to teaching and learning is supported through the Virtual Learning Environment at Middlesex University. This allows students to have a high degree of flexibility in self-managing their studies.

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How can the BA/BSc Professional Practice/Work Based Learning Studies support your career?

Professional Practice and Work Based Learning Studies programmes at Middlesex are specifically designed to enhance your effectiveness as a practitioner in your chosen field. You will have the opportunity to gain a qualification that is directly relevant to your field of work and the work-based projects you complete will also make a significant contribution to the achievement of your organisation’s work objectives. Combined, these benefits provide a powerful stimulus to career development and enhancement in your professional area.

  • John McLoughlin

    Health and Safety Consultant BSc (Hons) Work Based Learning Studies (Offshore Health and Safety Training and Management)

    After leaving school in the mid-seventies, I gained my seafarers qualifications and spent a decade working on deep sea cargo ships before containerisation revolutionised the industry. Moving into off shore oil and gas, I completed my Officer of the Watch Certificate. Undertaking the course led me to discover how much I enjoyed the personal challenge of study, as well as the career progression opportunities. Coming across the Middlesex University BSc (Hons) Work Based Learning Studies through the Maritime Society, I found that work based learning offered both the flexibility and career focus that I required.

    The bespoke nature of the course meant that I was able to design my work-based learning project around my area of professional interest, health and safety training off shore, its relevance and value for money. It has been instrumental in being able to set up as an independent Health and Safety consultant. As well as marine and offshore oil and gas, I now also work with renewable energy companies. I have the professional freedom to choose the work that interests me, and balance it with my family life.

    Although the distance learning aspect of the course could be tough at times, especially having to rely on internet connections off shore, I enjoyed the experience. Learning about research methods, inquiry and self-management were instrumental in helping me to tackle my wide ranging research project. Having good contact with my academic advisor made my learning experience a very rewarding one. I managed to go from struggling to understanding what was required of me to gaining a first class BSc with honours in twenty months from start to finish.

    The rewards for me have been both professional and personal. On a practical level the professional benefits in terms of the opportunities open to med have been substantial. On a personal level, I'd sum up the work based learning experience as rewarding, enriching, empowering and providing a real sense of achievement.

We’ll carefully manage any future changes to courses, or the support and other services available to you, if these are necessary because of things like changes to government health and safety advice, or any changes to the law.

Any decisions will be taken in line with both external advice and the University’s Regulations which include information on this.

Our priority will always be to maintain academic standards and quality so that your learning outcomes are not affected by any adjustments that we may have to make.

At all times we’ll aim to keep you well informed of how we may need to respond to changing circumstances, and about support that we’ll provide to you.

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