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Media and Economic Inequality

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START DATE 5 December 2019
START TIME 05:30pm

Room HG19, Hatchcroft Building, Middlesex University, The Burroughs, London NW4 4BT

END DATE 5 December 2019
END TIME 06:30pm

Please join MDX Journalism Conversation Series for a discussion of how economic inequality is being reported and represented by the news media. Economic inequality itself is a concept that is evolving, as we have seen the rise of a new class of the working poor, and other implications of a decade of austerity policies.

As inequality is on the rise, and having a tremendous impact on the political landscape, these concerns have never been more pressing. The news media plays a central role in informing the public and shaping the debate - so how well has it done so far, and what could be done to improve coverage?

Join us with Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize laureate, Vince Cable, Lib Dem leader 2017-19 and Ben Chu, BBC Newsnight's economics editor, to speak about these issues and more on December 5.

Everybody is welcome.

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