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Preview: “Breaking the chains: Anto’s Story” about mental illness and human rights abuses in Indonesia (Speaker: Erminia Colucci)

Event information

START DATE 6 February 2020
START TIME 12:00pm

BG09A, Building 9, Middlesex University, The Burroughs, London NW4 4BT

END DATE 6 February 2020
END TIME 01:00pm

See an exclusive preview of this affecting documentary

Dr Erminia Colucci Thousands of people worldwide live in isolation, chained, or inside “animal cages”, naked, undernourished and often living in dirty conditions because of mental health problems. This has been identified as one of the most flagrant continuing abuses of the human rights of people with mental illness, particularly in low- resource settings where mental health services are extremely scarce and inadequate.

“Breaking the chains: Anto’s story” is a testimony-style collaborative short-documentary (30 min) that depicts the subjective lived experience of Anto, an Indonesian young man who was restrained but was then released and reintegrated in the community as a self-taught artist and English student. This film follows Anto’s journey for 6 years based on his drawings, paintings and narrative, and was co-directed and co-edited with Anto himself.

During the presentation, Dr Erminia Colucci who was the researcher, director, editor and film-maker on this project, will provide an overview of the issue and show a preview version of this film followed by a Q&A.

For more info, see the "Breaking the chains" documentary website.

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