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Tony Orchudesh (Torchlight Music)

Event information

START DATE 11 October 2022
START TIME 01:00pm

Concert Room (GG75), Grove B.

END DATE 11 October 2022
END TIME 01:00pm

Tony Orchudesh (Torchlight Music) – Managing Sync: The Significance of Publishing & Copyright

My talk will focus on music as it is used in commercials, films and online video, with all the processes involved with that, e.g. sourcing the right music, clearing rights with a range of different music owners such as publishers, record labels and music unions, and then making sure the legal agreements reflect this. I begin with the basic elements of music copyright, which allow us to understand how music can be used and how that affects the use of music across all types of media. I will give a wide range of illustrations, drawing on my own work in the world of commercials and other media.

Tony Orchudesch graduated in Law from Leeds University and then spent nearly a decade in the music publishing industry as a Copyright Manager and, later, a Business Affairs Manager at firms such as EMI Music and Island Music. Tony formed Torchlight Music Ltd in 1991 to place music tracks and clear music rights for use in all media, such as TV, film, commercials, video, and, later, online. He continues to work with advertising agencies, broadcasters and producers to clear content for all forms of broadcast, and also has a roster of composers amd arrangers, creating original music content and cover recordings for the media. Additionally, Tony lectures at several conservatoires, universities and college on copyright and music licensing in and for the media.

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