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CEEDR seminar: Barriers to Take Up of Business Support: A Case of Market Failure?

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START DATE 14 December 2011
START TIME 12:00am
END DATE 14 December 2011
END TIME 12:00am

CEEDR seminar

Abstract: The UK Coalition Government is currently making major changes to the business support system with the intention of making it easier for SMEs to access support and to facilitate much needed business growth. This marks a fundamental shift towards private sector based provision with public agencies no longer providing direct support to businesses themselves but setting the framework for accessing private sector support. Business Link, the main public provider of business support since 1994, is being remodelled as a web based support system whilst the Government is relying on recruiting a national network of up to 40,000 experienced entrepreneurs to mentor new businesses and provide coaching to high growth potential businesses.

It is against this policy context that CEEDR was commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) earlier this year to undertake a comprehensive study of the use and non-use of business support, distinguishing between private and public sector support providers.  A telephone survey of 1200 SMEs was undertaken in March 2011 and the report published by BIS in July.  The seminar will focus on some of the key research questions including:

  • What proportion of SMEs use assistance, from which providers, and for what purposes?
  • Do users and non-users have any distinctive characteristics (in terms of entrepreneurial characteristics, sector, business size etc)?
  • What is the impact of assistance on business performance?
  • What barriers exist to accessing support and how do they affect different segments of the business population? And do such barriers constitute market failures that present policies are capable of addressing?      

The speakers for this seminar are Professor David North and Dr Rob Baldock, of Middlesex University.

Time: 4:30-6pm

Location: Model Farmhouse, Barn 2, Hendon campus.

Further information: Postgraduate and PhD students are particularly welcome, but anyone is free to attend. Please confirm your attendance by emailing Pamela Macaulay:


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