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CEEDR seminar: Economic development and growth – are we up to the challenge?

Event information

START DATE 29 February 2012
START TIME 12:00am
END DATE 29 February 2012
END TIME 12:00am

This event is part of a series of CEEDR seminars, and focuses on the challenges of economic growth and development.

Patrick McVeigh, Managaing Director of Shared Intelligence, will be speaking at this event.

Since the election of the coalition government in the UK there have been significant changes in the arrangements and infrastructure for supporting economic growth and development. Regional Development Agency’s are closing, budgets have been slashed, new organisations have been established. The government has emphasised the need for rebalancing from the south to the north, from financial services to manufacturing and from public to private.  The new Local Enterprise Partnerships are expected to play a leading role but they are under resourced and under powered.  Local authorities will increasingly have a role to play in filling the gap – but economic development is a discretionary activity and not always top of the political agenda.  This seminar will consider these issues and ask whether we are up for the challenge? 


Location: Hendon campus, Model Farmhouse, Barn 2

Further information: This event is open for anyone to attend, but PHD and postgraduate students are particularly welcome. Please confirm your place by emailing Pamela Macaulay:

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