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Law debate series, 'Born Under One Law': The Limits of Hate Speech

Event information

START DATE 8 February 2012
START TIME 12:00am
END DATE 8 February 2012
END TIME 12:00am

This event is part of a series of debates hosted by the Law department and will discuss several issues concerning the freedom of expression

This event is part of the Law debate series: 'Born Under One Law'.

This debate will discuss: Where does the freedom of expression end and hate speech begin? Should we outlaw speech that incites violence or advocates hatred based on race, religion or nationality?  Would such a prohibition undermine freedom of expression or is hate speech incompatible with free speech? Is banning hate speech an attempt to silence outspoken critics? Are we not taking political correctness a bit too far? If we outlaw hate speech how do we ensure that is proportionate and fair?

Speakers include: David Keane and Article 19 in conversation with Ziauddin Sardar, introduced by Elvira Domínguez-Redondo.

Book: J. Castellino Global Minority Rights Law (Dartmouth: Ashgate, 2011)

Time: 4-6pm

Location: Hendon Town Hall Chamber

Further information: This event is open to anyone who would like to attend, but please confirm your place by emailing Christiana Frandzis:

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