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London and the Nuremberg trials

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START DATE 22 February 2012
START TIME 12:00am
END DATE 22 February 2012
END TIME 12:00am

This event is hosted by the law department and brings together world experts on human rights and crimes against humanity to discuss the notorious Nuremberg Trials.

This event is hosted by the law department and brings together world experts on human rights and crimes against humanity to discuss the notorious Nuremberg Trials. This free expert-panel discussion will focus on the history of the Nuremberg trials and their connection with London. There will also be an an opportunity for questions from the audience. The discussion is hosted by Professor William Schabas, from Middlesex University.

The expert panel consists of:

  • Ambassador Stephen Rapp, US ambassador at large for war crimes issues, who after being personally nominated by U.S. President Barack Obama now advises the United States Secretary of State and formulates U.S. policy responses to atrocities committed in areas of conflict and elsewhere throughout the world. 
  • Professor Greg Gordon, director of the University of North Dakota Center for Human Rights and Genocide Studies, who has worked with the Office of the Prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and has helped investigate and prosecute Nazi war criminals and modern human rights violators.
  • Sandra Schulberg, producer of Nuremberg, Its Lessons for Today, the official film about the trial edited from many hours of film taken at the 11-month trial.
  • Professor William Schabas, internationally respected human rights advocate, author and professor of international law at Middlesex University.

Time: 12-2pm

Location: Hendon Town Hall

Further information: This event is free for the public, staff and students to attend. To book a place please contact Christiana Frandzis

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