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'The Brightest and the Best’? Family Migration in Western Europe

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START DATE 9 May 2012
START TIME 12:00am
END DATE 9 May 2012
END TIME 12:00am

This event is part of the debate series hosted by the Law department and will discuss the various issues surrounding family migration

This event is part of the debate series hosted by the Law department.

In many European states, family migration is the dominant source of new entrants but is also seen as a direct challenge to states’ claim to select migrants according to instrumental criteria and as a regressive force preventing communities of migrant origin from adapting and advancing in the host country. It thus provides a focus for concerns about migrant integration, welfare dependency, family norms perceived as oppressive and archaic, and the apparent failure of multicultural politics.

Yet, there is another very important story which is not always heard in public discourse. In the words of the House of Lords in Huang (ref) “Human beings are social animals. They depend on others. Their family, or extended family, is the group on which many people most heavily depend, socially, emotionally and often financially. There comes a point at which, for some, prolonged and unavoidable separation from this group seriously inhibits their ability to live full and fulfilling lives.” Restrictive family migration policies cause distress, anger and alienation as well as giving rise, as Huang and subsequent cases have shown, to multiple and complex legal challenges.

This conversation will seek to identify and clarify some of the moral, legal and practical issues that surround this vexed area.

Speakers include: Helena Wray and Satvinder Juss in conversation with Ziauddin Sardar, introduced by Eleonore Kofman.

Book Launch: H. Wray Regulating Marriage Migration into the UK (Dartmouth: Ashgate, 2011).

Time: 4-6pm

Location: C115, College Building, Hendon campus

Further information: This event is open to anyone who wished to attend, but please confirm your place by emailing Christiana Frandzis:

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