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CEEDR seminar - why do small firm managers seek advice?

Event information

START DATE 12 December 2012
START TIME 12:00am

The board room, Hendon campus

END DATE 12 December 2012
END TIME 12:00am

Dr Kevin Mole of Warwick Business School presents a seminar on small businesses

Presented by Dr Kevin Mole,Associate Professor in Enterprise at Warwick Business School

All welcome - post graduate and PhD students are particularly encouraged to attend

SMEs tend to operate informally and may be satisfied with lower business performance (eg Cliff 1998; Storey et al. 2010). However, policymakers tend to view this as a loss of potential economic output. From the government’s viewpoint, advice is a mechanism to improve SME competitiveness. Although they are not the only conduit for knowledge, advisers can diffuse new methods, knowledge and best practice to SMEs (Bryson and Daniels 1998). Moreover, governments have raised concerns over the potential market failure in business advice (Wren and Storey 2002). Therefore governments across most OECD countries support advisory services to SME in one way or another (Mole and Bramley 2006). This paper examines the extent to which small firm managers take advice from formal sources, including public and private suppliers, modelling issues and capabilities and providing evidence for the knowledge gap hypothesis in the context of existing firms.

Refreshments will be provided - to confirm a place please notify Pamela Macaulay.

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