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Inaugural lecture: Pablo Brañas-Garza

Event information

START DATE 3 June 2013
START TIME 12:00am

5.30pm reception in C110, College Building

6pm lecture in C114, College Building

END DATE 3 June 2013
END TIME 12:00am

Professor Pablo Brañas-Garza delivers his inaugural lecture, 'Punishment in Experimental Games'

The 2012-13 series of Inaugural Lectures will showcase the widening breadth and depth of expertise at Middlesex. Find out more about the series on the Inaugural Lectures hub page

Punishment in Experimental Games, Pablo Brañas-Garza

"In daily life, subjects sanction other individuals if they behave in an unacceptable way. This means that punishers pay a cost to punish other subjects if they behave improperly (or violate the right social rule at hand). Punishment has been extensively studied in strategic environments, i.e games.

In my talk I will provide three examples: First, I will show how subjects change their behaviour in a repeated experiment under threat from an exogenous mechanism (robot) following a tit-for-tat rule. That is, subjects are punished if they deviate from the cooperative social rule.

Secondly, I discuss the 'Ultimatum' bargaining game where second movers have the option to punish first movers if they do not propose a 'fair' allocation. While the sequential game is more 'realistic' (in the sense that subjects decide on strategies once they already know their partners choices) the simultaneous game provides us with more information. I will provide experimental evidence of both experimental games.

Finally, I will focus on an experiment where subjects play a one-shot 'public good' game with endogenous punishment, that is, subjects may punish each other if they disapprove of what other subjects have done. I will show that time preferences make a critical difference in punishment for both co-operators and defectors."

About Pablo Brañas-Garza

Professor Brañas-Garza joined Middlesex Business School in October 2013. Previously Professor of Economic Theory at the University of Granada, Spain, his research centres on experimental games and economic behaviour. He focuses on altruism and cooperative behaviour, cognitive abilities and preferences. He has published in leading journals such us Games & Economic Behaviour, PLoS ONE, Proceedings Royal Society B, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, Economics Letters, Experimental Economics, Journal of Economic Psychology, Journal of Money, Credit & Banking, Physica A or Rationality & Society.

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