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IOM Report Launch: Migrant Well-being and Development

Event information

START DATE 19 September 2013
START TIME 12:00am

Middlesex University

END DATE 19 September 2013
END TIME 12:00am

The International Organization for Migration and Middlesex University will be hosting a joint event based on the IOM World Migration Report 2013.

The individual well-being of migrants is the central theme of IOM’s World Migration Report 2013.  Many reports linking migration and development concentrate on the broad socio-economic consequences of migratory processes, and the impact of migration on the lives of individuals can easily be overlooked.  In contrast, the WMR 2013 focuses on migrants as persons, exploring how migration affects quality of life and human development across a broad range of dimensions.

The report draws upon the findings of a unique source of data – the Gallup World Poll – which is conducted in more than 150 countries, allowing for an assessment of the well-being of migrants worldwide for the first time, and examines outcomes on six core dimensions of well-being: Financial, career, Social, Community, Physical and Subjective.  The WMR 2013 makes recommendations for future initiatives to monitor in the global post-2015 development framework.

This joint event will bring IOM and Gallup to present the report and a panel of experts to comment and discuss the issues raised, to discuss the issues of well-being, happiness and migration followed by an open question and answer session.  Speakers include:

Gervais Appave, Special Policy Advisor to Director-General, IOM
David Bartram, Senior Lecturer, Sociology, University of Leicester
Emily Beckwith, Director, Paiwand, Afghan Community Association
Don Flynn, Director, Migrants' Rights Network  Aftab Rahman, Director, Legacy West Midlands
Eleonore Kofman, Professor of Gender, Migration, Citizenship; Co-Director, SPRC, Middlesex University
Robert McCrea, Director, Migrant Help
Anita Pugliese, Research and Quality Director, Gallup World Poll
Louise Ryan, Professor Sociology, Co-Director, SPRC, Middlesex University
Taylan Sahbaz, Director of Day-Mer Turkish and Kurdish Community

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