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CEEDR Seminar - The State, the Market and Regional Inequality: Critical Reflections on the South East

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START DATE 23 October 2013
START TIME 12:00am

W142, Hendon

END DATE 23 October 2013
END TIME 12:00am

Middlesex staff are invited to attend a CEEDR seminar presented by Professor Allan Cochrane, Open University.

Middlesex staff are invited to attend a CEEDR seminar presented by Professor Allan Cochrane, Open University.

The South East of England often  escapes categorisation as a ‘region’ – other places are ‘regions’, whereas London and the South East is implicitly (and sometimes explicitly) assumed to be the core, the metropolitan heartland. What happens if this often unspoken assumption is overturned, and the South East is understood not only to be a (city) ‘region’ in the same sense as others, even if it on a different scale? Refocusing in this way as the Seminar outlines provides a helpful way into understanding the spatial politics of England In the first decade of the 21st century. The policy emphasis (reflected in housing targets and in the sustainable communities plan) was on supporting the market to deliver sufficient housing in the region for the labour force required to sustain economic growth.  And, in practice state policy continues to foster regional inequality, seeking to ride the tiger of market led housing development in the South East.

Short Bio

Allan Cochrane is Professor of Urban Studies at the Open University.  He has written and researched widely on regional and urban policy and politics, recently often with a focus on the South East. Books include Rethinking the Region (Routledge 1998, with John Allen and Doreen Massey) and Understanding Urban Policy (Blackwell 2007). He is currently working (with Bob Colenutt and Martin Field, University of Northampton) on an ESRC funded project on Tensions and Future Prospects for Sustainable Housing Growth on the edge of the South East. This presentation draws on some of the work undertaken as part of the project.

More details please contact David Etherington

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