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Inaugural lecture: Professor Suzanne Buchan

Event information

START DATE 9 October 2013
START TIME 12:00am

H116, Hatchcroft, Middlesex University

END DATE 9 October 2013
END TIME 12:00am

The Professor of Animation Aesthetics in the School of Art and Design at Middlesex delivers her inaugural lecture

The Professor of Animation Aesthetics in the School of Art and Design at Middlesex delivers her inaugural lecture: Pervasive Animation Matters: From the Arts and Work to the Everyday.

Synopsis: Animation is pervasive in contemporary moving image culture, occupying, informing and politicising many academic, public and private spaces. With a focus on independent and arts-based animation, this lecture investigates specific aesthetics of and theoretical approaches to the artistic legacy of animation, from the 'stuff' of pre-digital celluloid formats through to intangible digital phenomena. It also explores animation's impact on media convergence as animation infiltrates everyday life, defining the home, the studio and the workplace via new media platforms.

Bio: Suzanne Buchan is Professor of Animation Aesthetics and Director of the Art and Design Research Institute (ADRI) at the School of Art and Design, Middlesex University London. Her research investigates interdisciplinary approaches to animation as a pervasive moving image form across a range of platforms, disciplines and media, and she is also active as a film and exhibition curator. Buchan completed her PhD in film Studies at the University of Zurich and was a founding member and co-director (1994-2003) of the Fantoche International Animation Film Festival, Switzerland. She has published widely and books include Pervasive Animation: An AFI Reader (2013), The Quay Brothers: Into A Metaphysical Playroom (2011) and Animated 'Worlds' (2006). Buchan is founder and Editor of animation: an interdisciplinary journal (Sage Journals). She continues to work on her wider 'Pervasive Animation' project, that includes a curated exhibition for the Museum of Design Zurich in 2015.

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