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A New Direction on the Question of London Street Gangs?

Event information

START DATE 5 September 2014
START TIME 09:30am
Room CG77, College Building
END DATE 5 September 2014
END TIME 06:30pm

Simon WheatleyThis one-day conference will take stock of our current understanding of the issue of violent street gangs in London and provide an opportunity for regional stakeholders to articulate their strategic and operational responses.  

In addition the conference will consider new findings from Dr Simon Harding following five years of research into gangs in Lambeth. These will answer the question as to why there has been such an increase in gang-related violence in recent years in the capital. This exciting new research offers a new explanatory theory of how and why this violence occurs, while providing fresh insight into the specifics of gang dynamics, gang structure, behaviours and actions. 

These findings are outlined in full in Dr Harding's new book, The Street Casino: Survival in violent street gangs, which will be launched at a cheese and wine reception in the afternoon, to which all are cordially invited. 

In addition to presentations by regional stakeholders, the day will host knowledge transfer workshops from eight separate practitioners currently working in London to address gang violence and serious group offending. Delegates will be invited to select two sessions to attend in the afternoon.

We anticipate the event will be of keen interest to those working on the agenda of gangs, serious group offending and youth violence, notably, central government policy makers, regional stakeholders, statutory agencies, police and local authorities, probation services, youth offending and offender management services, local charities and voluntary sector organisations.

Please to contact Christiana Rose via email: or phone: 020 8411 5765 to book your place.

£20.00 course fee inclusive of refreshments, lunch and D. Harding's book launch.


09.00 – 10.00: Registration, College Building. Refreshments: 2nd Floor Mezzanine.

10.00 – 10.15: Welcome and introduction from Conference Chair Prof. Kurt Barling and the Head of the Department of Criminology and Sociology, Prof. Kevin McDonald – Room CG77

10.15 – 10.35: Jenny Oklikah, Head of Violence and Early Offending, Home Office - 'Learning from the Ending Gang and Youth Violence programme' – Room CG77

10.35 – 10.55: Marie Snelling, Director of IOM, Neighbourhoods and Programmes – The Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) – 'Strategic Ambitions for London: Gangs and Serious Youth Violence'– Room CG77

10.55 – 11.15: Detective Superintendent Damian Allain, Metropolitan Police Service, Specialist Crime and Operations, Trident Gang Crime Command – 'Tackling gangs in London 2014' – Room CG77

11.15 – 11.35: Coffee Break – 2nd Floor Mezzanine.

11.35 – 11.55: Patsy Wollaston and Andrew Hillas - Probation Service – 'Strategic overview of the changing role of Probation and the Community Rehabilitation Company'– Room CG77

11.55 – 12.55: Simon Harding – 'The Street Casino: survival in violent street gangs'– Room CG77

12.55 – 14.00: Lunch featuring Simon Wheatley's Photography Exhibition 'Don't Call Me Urban' - Grove Atrium

14.00 – 15.00: Knowledge Transfer Workshops – Session 1. Delegates will choose to attend one of four sessions:

  • Session A - Rachel Sturrock, Emily Setty, Simon Grant and Shae Wright, Catch22 - 'Catch22 Dawes Unit research into gang associations in a London based prison' Room C204
  • Session B - Delphine Duff, London Probation Service and members of the Serious Group offending Forum– 'The role of the Serious Group Offending Unit and working in the community' Room C205
  • Session C – Lisa Bellis and Nicky Hill, Safer London Foundation 'Moving Away From Gangs – A gendered Perspective' Room C206
  • Session D – Jonathan Toy, London Borough of Southwark, 'Gangs – a Street Perspective' Room C209

15.00 – 16.00: Knowledge Transfer Workshops – Session 2. Delegates will choose to attend one of four further sessions

  • Session E – Mackenzie Lambine and Michelle Lyttle Storrod, from Growing against Gangs and Violence (GAGV) Gang intervention and preventative education Room C204
  • Session F – Evan Jones, Antonia Ejoh-Steer, Toni Harriott, and Janine Mitchell St. Giles Trust, 'Expect Respect' – new work with young women in Lambeth Room C205
  • Session G – John Poyton, CEO. Redthread Youth Ltd "Breaking Bad: An A&E based approach to reducing the cycle of youth violence" Room C206
  • Session H – Lorraine Khan, Associate Director, Children and Young People Programme
    Centre for Mental Health: 'Young People in gangs – learning from current data and practice' Room C209

16.00 – 17.00: Dr. Simon Harding's Book Launch with cheese, wine and refreshments – Rickett's Quadrangle, College Building

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