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Last Day of Exhibition on Urban Regeneration

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START DATE 5 September 2014
START TIME 09:30am

The Grove Building

END DATE 5 September 2014
END TIME 06:30pm

Simon Wheatley - Professional Photographer

Intrigued initially by a controversial urban regeneration scheme in south London in the summer of 1998, Simon Wheatley went on to focus on the youth of the inner-city, chronicling the era of grime music as it evolved into the dominant sound of London's housing estates. 

He also shot extensively in similar urban areas of France and Holland while compiling the photographs that would form 'DON'T CALL ME URBAN! The Time of Grime'. 

He ventured into film-making soon after the release of the book in 2011 with narrative based music videos, and continues to mix video and stills photography, enjoying both the complexity of the former and the simplicity of the latter as he searches for greater creative expression and paths beyond his 'documentary' roots. 

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Exhibition of work

Simons work will be exhibited in The Grove Building from Monday 1st August to Friday 5th September to support the launch of UNRU and 'The Street Casino'.  

Simon will exhibit a range of framed stills of urban youth alongside some moving image works.

The moving image videos will include a rather powerful short film set in Maryland, a marginalized quarter of Stratford, between the riots of 2011 and the Olympics the following year. The resulting work fits in the context of his recent book. In addition he will exhibit an interesting piece based on interviews conducted with older residents on Lambeth Walk in 2002 who had been through WW2, just as the youth gang crisis was beginning to emerge. Other selected pieces have a music focus - with a strong social context of course - and can be seen at the website for his book.

Finally there is a short conceptual piece about the violent way dogs are reared, the other about the riots in Hackney.

Do please join us for this exhibition.

Illustrated below are some of Simon's recent images.

Simon Whestley collage

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