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Dr Dominic Pasura Book Launch: 'African Transnational Diasporas'

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START DATE 21 October 2014
START TIME 04:30pm

Middlesex University, Room C219-20 & 2nd Floor Mezzanine, College Building, Hendon Campus, London, NW4 4BT

END DATE 21 October 2014
END TIME 06:30pm

Dominic Pasura is Research Fellow in the Social Policy Research Centre, School of Law, at Middlesex University.

His research interests include migration, transnationalism and diaspora studies, integration of migrants and refugees, religion in the New African diaspora and African studies.

This book examines the relationships, connections, identities and linkages between diasporas and their original or symbolic homelands. To highlight the transnationality of diasporas, the book proposes a framework for understanding African diasporas as core, epistemic, dormant and silent.

As the book argues, transnational diasporas, just as other social formations, are multifaceted, fluid entities, which continually mutate over time and space. By way of empirical illustration, the book investigates the formation of the Zimbabwean diaspora by examining how it was dispersed, how it is constituted in Britain and how it maintains connections with the homeland. 

Using evidence from multi-sited ethnographic data, the book examines the articulation of plural diasporic identities by migrants in different social, cultural, religious and political settings. Whereas the concept of diaspora typically emphasises group cohesion and solidarity, the book argues that the Zimbabwean diaspora has to be understood as fractured and fragmented.

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