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Mimetic 2014: Can't Pay / Can Play?

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START DATE 27 November 2014
START TIME 02:00pm

Waterloo Vaults, Leake St, London, SE1 7NN.

Professionals from across the industry meet to discuss the ethics and best practice of low-pay theatremaking.

Mimetic Fest 2014 logoWe all believe there should be more subsidy of the arts sector. We all believe everyone should get paid a good wage for a good days work. We also realise that at the moment there simply isn't enough money in the theatre industry to make the amount of work we do and pay everyone properly for it.

So on the one hand we need to continue lobbying government for more money. But there appears very little appetite from any of the political parties to actually increase funding to any sort of level that would result in there being enough money to pay everyone. So assuming we don't want to see culture output massively reduced in the UK – how do we carry on making theatre ethically, without exploiting anyone, at a time when there simply isn't enough money to go round?

In a collaboration between Mimetic Festival, Middlesex University and the Artists Anonymous Theatre Network, Can't Pay / Can Play? is an opportunity for artists from all corners of the industry at all levels of experience to work through the issues you've faced as collaborative theatremakers.

How do we best organise our productions so everyone involved feels valued and well treated, even if that value can't always be expressed financially. What structures do we need, what processes should we follow and what procedures can we adopt to create the fairest possible productions? What is the best practice for running collaborative theatre?

Join a free panel discussion on Thursday 27 November at the Waterloo Vaults, led by Alexander Parsonage (Artistic director, Mimetic Festival), Emmanuel de Lange (Equity's Low Pay/No Pay officer), Mojisola Adabayo (Actor, playwright, director, producer and teacher), and Rafe Beckley (Author, Open Books Theatre Management).

The discussion starts at 2pm, and you can book a place and find more information at

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