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Marketing Seminar Series: Dr Ben Lowe

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START DATE 26 November 2014
START TIME 01:00pm

W142 Williams Building, Hendon Campus, Middlesex University, London

END DATE 26 November 2014
END TIME 03:30pm

'Antecedents and Consequences of Consumer-Perceived Product Innovativeness'

How innovative is a new product to consumers? Why is it perceived to be innovative and does perceived innovativeness affect consumer intention to adopt new products? 

Some investigations have explored consumers' perceptions of innovativeness, but this research is fragmented and contains no comprehensive definition and examination of the construct of consumer-perceived product innovativeness (CPPI - how innovative the product is from the consumer's perspective). 

This study proposes a new conceptualisation for CPI based upon extant theory, qualitative research and two quantitative pilot studies. It then identifies and tests key causes and consequences of CPPI on a national sample of consumers using a range of different innovations. This allows addressing the "so what?" (consequences) and the "how do you manage it?" (causes). The research extends work in the new product development area by a) defining CPPI within its nomological net and proposing an operational measure based on psychometric testing, b) suggesting that affect is more usefully viewed as a consequence of CPPI rather than a dimension, and c) highlighting the important, yet often overlooked role of perceived technology newness. These findings provide managers with a useful and practical theory for understanding and influencing consumer perceptions of a product's innovativeness.

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Dr Ben Lowe - Biography

Dr Ben Lowe is a Reader in Marketing at Kent Business School, University of Kent. Ben has been a marketing academic in the UK and Australia for over ten years and has a PhD in Marketing from Griffith University, Australia. Ben's primary research interests relate to consumer behaviour and consumer acceptance of innovations. Specifically, Ben's research interests are in pricing innovations, consumer evaluations of introductory prices and promotions, innovation adoption and pioneer brand advantage. He has published in journals such as Psychology & Marketing, the Journal of Marketing Management, the Journal of Interactive Marketing, the Journal of Consumer Behaviour, the Journal of Marketing Education and others. He is also on the editorial review board of Psychology & Marketing, the Journal of Product and Brand Management and a number of other journals. Career highlights include winning the 'Best Overall Conference Paper' award (with Devon Johnson) at the American Marketing Association Summer Educators' Conference (2011) for work on understanding consumer participation in virtual health communities and the Faculty of Social Sciences Teaching Price (2011) from the University of Kent.

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