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Black Lives Matter: Race and Racism in the US

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START DATE 17 December 2014
START TIME 05:00pm

CG13 College Building, Middlesex University, Hendon, London

END DATE 17 December 2014
END TIME 06:30pm

The School of Law and the Centre for Sociological and Criminological Research at Middlesex University invite you to attend 'Black Lives Matter: Race and Racism in the US'

Recent events in the US involving the shooting of Michael Brown, the death of Eric Garner and the killing of Tamir Rice - all three black men killed by white police offers - have drawn intense reactions from civil rights and anti-racism activists. Two grand jury verdicts that failed to indict police officers in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner case have heightened tensions, and sparked numerous protests around the country. 

So far, much of the public debate on this issue, particularly within the US, has focused around the use of police force, institutional racism in the criminal justice system and the 'racial divide' that separates white and black Americans. These debates are certainly warranted, and this seminar aims to further discussions and outline some of the underlying issues around race relations, racism and criminal justice in the US.


Dr Anne Daguerre (Business School); Professor Joshua Castellino (Dean of the School of Law); Chair Dr Aaron Winter (UEL); Dr Erin Sanders-McDonagh (School of Law); Professor Brad Blitz, (Deputy Dean of the School of Law).

Limited free tickets, please register using the following link:

Light refreshments will be available.

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