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Seminars on Latin America

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START DATE 9 December 2014
START TIME 06:00pm

Williams Building Room 142, Middlesex University, Hendon, London

END DATE 9 December 2014
END TIME 08:00pm

'Ecuador’s Citizens’ Revolution: from neo-liberal failure to the ‘Ecuadorian miracle’ of the inclusive development model'

Challenging the ideas behind austerity economics, a huge programme of public investment is driving Ecuador's strong economic growth, delivering free healthcare and free education, tackling poverty and creating a more equal society. 

Ecuador is reducing inequality faster than any other Latin America country and the United Nations ranks Ecuador as one of the countries in the world that has most advanced human development in recent years. 

In this seminar, First Secretary at the Embassy of Ecuador in the UK, Fidel Narváez, will examine how Ecuador is being transformed by progressive policies that put people first.

Biography - Fidel Narváez 

Fidel Narváez is currently First Secretary at the Embassy of Ecuador in the UK. He was previously the Consul of Ecuador in London for three years; Technical Secretary in Ecuador of the Inter-American Platform for Human Rights, Democracy and Development; and leader at the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights in Ecuador. 

Fidel has a degree on International Trade from the International Relations Faculty at the University of Economics, Prague.

The seminars on Latin America series is part of the Latin American Studies Research Group within the Business School at Middlesex University. The research group is coordinated by Dr Francisco Dominguez (course leader for BA International Tourism in Spanish) and Dr Daniel Ozarow (course leader for MA Globalisation and Work).

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