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Talk About Language - 'Online Resources for Grammar Teaching'

Event information

START DATE 23 January 2015
START TIME 01:30pm

Room VG07, Vine Building, Hendon campus, The Burroughs, London, NW4 4BT

END DATE 23 January 2015
END TIME 03:00pm

Bas Aarts from University College London is the speaker in this week's Talk About Language session

Bas is Director of the Survey of English Usage, one of the most important and well-established research centres focusing on corpora in linguistic research.

In this talk Bas will be discussing how large language databases (corpora) can be used to explore the English language, such as its present-day structure and usage and how these developed over time. He will also look at how corpora can be used to teach grammar and other linguistic concepts in schools.

About Bas Aarts

Bas has edited and published lots of important work on language and linguistics, and held a number of key roles, including Vice-President for the Profession for the International Society for the Linguistics of English.

The Survey of English Usage has been involved in a number of very successful impact-focused projects, including the development of apps which help with understanding key concepts in grammar and projects which help teachers and students working on grammar at school, most recently the 'Englicious' project which provides resources for work at primary school.

All are welcome. Please contact Billy Clark with any queries or for further information.

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