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The record of the Coalition Government on policy and outcomes for children under five

Event information

START DATE 25 March 2015
START TIME 05:00pm

Committee Room 3, Hendon Town Hall, The Burroughs, London NW4 4AX

END DATE 25 March 2015
END TIME 07:00pm

A lecture organised by Centre for Education Research and Scholarship (CERS)

The invited speaker is Dr Kitty Stewart, Associate Professor of Social Policy at the LSE and Research Associate at the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE). Her research focuses on poverty, inequality and disadvantage, particularly as it affects children. For the last few years she has been part of a team at CASE which has been looking at the social policy record of first the last Labour government and then the coalition government, across a range of policy areas. She has been leading on the strand of work examining policy affecting young children - material that will inform this lecture.

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