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Lecture-Recital – The Poetics of a Multiphonic Landscape

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START DATE 27 October 2015
START TIME 06:15pm

Concert Room, Grove B building, Middlesex University, The Burroughs, Hendon, London, NW4 4BT

Saxophonist, improviser and composer Torben Snekkestad gives a lecture-recital on the poetics of a multiphonic landscape

Part of the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme, Torben Snekkestad's research is inspired by the complex possibility of producing a rich vocabulary of multiple sounds on an instrument considered monophonic. 

It`s an acoustic solo saxophone project with an emphasis on the practical and creative ways of using these sounds as the "energy center" in improvised settings – unfold the "hidden" poetics of these saxophone sounds. 

The project seeks to uncover, tabulate and create, in considerable detail, a cartography for the poetic landscape of (saxophone) multiphonic. Both precisive about a historical body of work (i.e. "past multiphonics") and the creation of a possible multiphonic future. 

Among other things, Torben will talk about his "Personal Multiphonic Library", about the construction of a hybrid instrument (Reed-Trumpet) and how field recordings from underwater soundscapes have had an important impact on his project. The performance will mix live music, talk and recorded music.

Torben Snekkestad

Torben Snekkestad has, over the years, explored vast areas of music in a conscious and open-minded way. Ranging from classical chamber music playing, soloist with symphony orchestras and sinfoniettas, free improvisation and jazz with his own groups and as a sideman. With advanced playing techniques, intuitive improvisations, refined compositional use of structure, tone and form and a distinct poetic ear, Snekkestad earns himself a place in the unbroken line of groundbreaking European saxophonists. "Conic Folded [Snekkestad`s solo album] is a fully-formed collection of saxophone and improvisational mastery" All About Jazz. 

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